About Remodel Pros

Matt Robinson established Remodel Pros in early 2009 based on his passion to see his customers cared about, and cared for, all the way through the construction process. Matt brings fifteen years of experience in the construction industry, and during his early years he noticed that all too often the customer was forgotten or taken advantage of. He decided that there must be some simple, basic principles for keeping customers for life.

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Puyallup WA

So at Remodel Pros, we follow these basic principles:

  • First: care about our customers… means we listen to them in the beginning. Let’s bring to life their vision for their custom built or remodeled home
  • Second: care for our customers… that means communicate all the way through to completion. No unexplained surprises. No hidden costs and fees. If things change, let the customer know first, not last.
  • Third: Be on time and within budget

Remodel Pros is a full service remodeling company that is dedicated to turning the house you live in, into the home that you love!  We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.